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About The Sal

Conquering since the 13th century

Welcome to The Old Salutation Inn, dating back to 1240, and therefore officially, yes officially, the oldest public house in Nottingham. Originally named Ye Olde Salutation Inn – ‘Angel Gabriel Saluting the Blessed Virgin Mary’, but often shortened to just ‘The Old Salutation Inn’ with it being mouthful, it was renamed ‘The Soldier and Citizen’ in the mid 17th century when Cromwell’s Puritan movement wanted no connection to any biblical reference. When the Royal family was reinstated, it was changed back to ‘The’ Old Salutation Inn and strangely enough the symbol that looks like the letter ‘Y’ is actually an old English abbreviation for ‘Th’.
The caves under the building date back to the 9th century and were part of a Saxon farm that later was used for servants accommodation and Brewing.

The ‘Soldier and Citizen’ branding now adopted by the pub for their merchandise is very apt for the current profile of the business as it reflects the great relationship between the troops that rally round and look after their clientele as if they are their own flesh and blood, creating a unique friendship and family atmosphere lacking in so many of today’s drinking establishments.
The pub is predominantly a traditional rockers and bikers meeting place which firmly established itself in the 1950’s when Rock n roll reared it’s ugly, yet appealing rebellious head. The ‘Sal’was the first to embrace the alternative scene accepting outcast factions and still does to this very day, where everybody is welcome no matter how different he or she may be or which circles they move in.

Forget Nottingham’s tales of Robin Hood , rumour has it that the pub has been the social haunt of many a celebrity, from royals to activists and even the most famous of highwaymen, as it is documented that Dick Turpin (John Palmer) was almost caught in the caves beneath the building in the 18th century, so there’s a good chance he popped in for a swift one regularly.
So, as if the history of the caves and events aren’t interesting enough, the pub also has a 150 capacity function room/ venue in the ‘Attic’ where live music and club nights are a massive draw, boasting a separate bar and full 5k PA and lighting rig with professional ‘in house’ engineer for hire.
Ironically, the Salutation has its own creed… the people see it as being a religion in itself and often refer to it as ‘church’…

Now you’ve read about the Old Testament, why not join us in making the next chapter of the New Testament… our pub is your pub… choose your service… all praise the Sal!